Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults starts in November each year and finishes after Pentecost.  This year (2012) we have twelve  adults joining us from other denominations and three Catholics returning to full practice. We meet every Wednesday (during term time) from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm  in the church hall.

Generally the evening comprises of prayer, biblical reading and sharing, input on a topic (see below the list of dates and topics) and discussion.  We try in as far as possible to make the Gospel relevant to our everyday living.

Many of our Catholics who have been through the RCIA programme return to support  the new group and after a few years they come as sponsors. It is a most enjoyable way of growing in faith as we always learn from one another.  The evenings are open to all.  The candidates are expected to attend regularly.  It is wonderful being a part of the group.  Their commitment is a marvellous testimony.  Three cheers to our faith journey.

November 9th Lesson 1 Introduction
16th Lesson 2 Come and see
23rd Lesson 3 Emmaus -start of our journey
30th Seven sacraments & Prayer
December 7th Love:  Ten Commandments
14th The fall – Cain & Abel – Tower of Babel
21st Christmas Narrative
January 11th Baptism
18th The Mass
25th The Mass
February 1st Confirmation & The Creed
8th Reconciliation
15th Extreme Unction
22nd Ash Wednesday
25th Rite of Election
29th Holy Orders
March 7th Matrimony
14th Church & Stations
21st Structure of the Church
28th Our Lady
April 4th Rehearsal
7th Reception
25th Question,Answer, Roles, organisations
May 2nd Celebration/Mass/Party