Youth Group – Post Confirmation

This group has now been in existence for 3 years and is open to any young person who receives the Sacrament of Confirmation at Corpus Christi.
We meet usually on a Thursday approximately every 4 to 5 weeks and lasts from 7.00pm – 9.00pm. This is a good opportunity for the young people to socialise in a safe environment.
The evenings normally start with a light supper of burgers or hot dogs and juice, fruit and sweets. This is generally followed by a team quiz on various subjects, music quiz and picture quizzes, these are quite a bit different from school questions. On most evenings we have an in depth discussion on a particular given subject ranging from knife crime, Christmas, choosing a sixth form and the Illuminati.  We have on occasions an open mic and youth mastermind. The event usually finishes if time allows with a round of bingo.