Give As You Earn & Match Funding

Does your workplace have a Give As You Earn donation scheme? If so, GAYE is a valuable way of assisting the parish because it boosts the donations that you offer Corpus Christi without you having to give any extra.

GAYE allows your workplace payroll department to set up a regular donation that comes straight out of your regular salary.

Corpus Christi effectively gets more than you give it because your donation is paid before your salary is taxed.

This means that if you give, say, £10, and you are on the lowest tax band, only £8 will be deducted from your take-home pay. If you are a higher rate taxpayer, the incentives are even greater.

Also you can check if your employer has a Match Funding benefit. As some companies will also add their own portion, increasing the money you put in.

Your employer may offer other incentives, for example, when someone joins the GAYE scheme, a company may give a one-off gift.

GAYE is a great time and money saving way of supporting the work of Corpus Christi. Just check with your Payroll, Personnel or HR department to see if the scheme is available to you.



Building Together Fund

2019 marks the sixth anniversary of the repose of the soul of
Fr Tom Heneghan.  We have raised nearly £35,000 towards realtering the sanctuary area to include a permanent stone altar and ambo (a stone lectern) but need over £100,000 to complete this project.  Following on from the 2012 Special Projects’ Fund and the successful 2016 ‘Sponsor-a Brick’ campaign we have developed a new fundraising initiative to help us raise money for key projects in the Parish.

Our magnificent Grade II Listed church is over 130 years old and has many repair needs, such as crumbling walls and leaking roofs, so we need to raise £2000 a week but only take in roughly £1400.  To help raise this amount we hold a second collection on the first weekend of each month and invite parish members to a new planned giving scheme, BUILDING TOGETHER where, by praying and planning what’s possible to give within a person’s needs, tax and non-tax payers can pledge an extra sum each week or month to help ensure that our church can be a beacon of Christ’s Light on Brixton Hill for many years to come.

We don’t ask you to give a certain amount, as this varies according to a person’s income, but please consider the total amount you give each week or each month to the general needs and charitable work of the Parish so as to pledge an extra 10% or the equivalent of an hour’s wage towards the specific renovation, repair and maintenance work planned over the next three years, including the transformation of the Sanctuary as a memorial for Fr. Tom Heneghan.


Look out for one-off events including Quiz Nights and other activities that the Parish is organising to help us meet our fundraising targets for the next five years. The funds we raise will help us fund valuable spiritual activities and important building works in our beautiful landmark Grade II Listed Church.

If you would like to contribute to the BUILDING TOGETHER fund then please download and complete the attached form
[a standing order for your bank] which will help us meet our fundraising goals.  Thank you.

CC Brixton Hill Refurb St_Order


Leave a legacy

Leaving a gift to Corpus Christi in your will offers a lasting way of supporting the Parish and its activities. It costs nothing during your lifetime but leaves a legacy that can supports our ongoing and future work.

You can prepare a codicil to your existing will, including a bequest to Corpus Christi of a set sum or a percentage of the residue of your estate.

By making a charity donation in your will, you can make an easy but effective difference to the work of the Parish.