Anchor Group and Anchor Bingo

The Anchor Group was first established in Corpus Christi Parish in 1984 by Sr. Angela Black as a way of integrating people with learning difficulties into the main stream of the Parish.  Each member has a ‘friend’ and we meet together weekly during term time to share a cup of tea and our experiences since last meeting; we then have bidding prayers and a little discussion on the gospel of the previous Sunday.  We also make decorations, cards etc.  The members have all made their First Communion and have been confirmed since joining the group.

Membership of the group has changed as members moved away, or passed away, but we still have four of the original members and two of the original ‘friends’.  We also have many friends of the group who help in raising funds at Bingo, Jumble Sales etc., to help us go on our biannual trips to Lourdes with H.C.P.T., trips to the country, to Aylesford and various other outings.

Anchor Bingo 
The Anchor Bingo sessions are open to anyone although children have to be accompanied by a responsible adult. The bingo is normally held on the last Tuesday of the month although variations do occur from time to time. Doors open at 7.30pm and it is eyes down at 8.00pm. A small admission charge of 25p goes towards the Anchor group [see elsewhere on site] biennial pilgrimage to Lourdes. During the evening we enjoy 6  games of bingo; it is up to you and your pocket how many books you purchase. We also have a flyer page, a raffle and a break for a hot drink and a biscuit or if we are lucky a slice of home – made cakey. The evening is scheduled to finish at 9.30 pm. This is one of the few remaining bingo sessions wehre you will hear “fair ground” calling. For eg, 7 and 3 “crutch with a flea,73”.