Faith Enquiry

If a person would like to be baptised or confirmed as an adult in the Catholic Church they join our Parish Faith Enquiry Group, an informal group of study, question and answer sessions where people learn more about the Christian faith.  When a person is ready to be baptised or confirmed they attend the Rite of Election at our Diocesan Cathedral, St. George’s and are welcomed at our Parish Masses during the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

New members are welcome at any point but our Faith Enquiry Group starts meeting each autumn and carries through into the summer and takes a break around the celebration of the Church festival of Pentecost. From the autumn onwards, the Faith Enquiry Group meets each Wednesday (during school term time) from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm in the Priests’ House.

Generally, the evening comprises of prayer, Bible reading, the study of a themed topic and discussion amongst the group.

The evenings are open to all, including Catholics who would like to learn more about their faith as it is an enjoyable way of growing in faith as we learn from one another.  A typical range of topics studied include …

The Meaning of Life

Creation and Fall

Salvation History

The Incarnation

The Life of Christ

The Paschal Mystery

The Trinity

Liturgy and Sacraments

Baptism and Confirmation

The Eucharist

Praying the Mass

Marriage and Holy Orders

Confession and Anointing

Natural Law and the Ten Commandments

Moral Action

The Practice of Confession

The Life of Prayer

The Lordís Prayer

Virtues and Vices

Grace and the Beatitudes

The Church

Scripture and Tradition

Catholic Devotions

Mary and the Four Last Things

Christian Life in the World