Ignatian Guided Prayer

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1. What is it?
Ignatian Spirituality is a way of Christian life formulated by Saint Ignatius of Loyola and practised by many people today.  This method is well adapted to Christians whose lives are hectic and full of different activities (such was the life of the first Jesuits). The aim of Ignatian Spirituality is to help a follower of Christ to be contemplative in action. In other words, the purpose is to learn how to find God in one’s everyday, ordinary and sometimes busy reality.  Ignatian Spirituality teaches its followers to cooperate with God in their busy lives and, consequently, to live and act with the Spirit’s power and love. One practical way to begin living Ignatian Spirituality is the Retreat in Daily Life.

2. Ignatian Retreat In daily life.

These retreats are being organised in many parishes throughout London. A retreat runs for a certain period of time (1-4 weeks) during which participants learn and practice Ignatian ways of finding God, with the help of Scripture and reflection on one’s experience.  This school of prayer involves two elements.

a)  Everyday personal prayer, adapted individually to every participant, which is at the core of the practice of Ignatian Spirituality. Within personal prayer participants discover their own  personal language of communicating with God, learning his voice and finding his marks in their own lives. The aim of individual prayer is to experience and come to know God really present, and to learn to cooperate with the Spirit powerfully at work in my daily life.

b) Meeting a spiritual guide or companion is the second element of the Ignatian Retreat. Guides are people who have lived Ignatian Spirituality in their everyday life and are trained to accompany others in their prayer, helping participants to recognise God’s voice and presence. Sharing our experience of prayer with a fellow pilgrim in the spiritual life can be an affirming and encouraging experience as we walk the path of Christian discipleship and seek to deepen our sense of the Spirit in our lives.

3. Ignatian Prayer In daily life.
Often people who experience an Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life express a desire to continue to practice what they have learned, and deepen their relationship with the Lord yet further.  Your retreat companion can work with you to decide how best to take things forward, according to the particular circumstances of your life.



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