London Citizens

Corpus Christi Church is a member of South London Citizens (SLC), and has been for a few years. The SLC are a group of member institutions and organisations. Be they churches, mosques, synagogues  schools colleges, trade unions, co-operatives and pressure groups who come together for the good of the community. Last year we conducted a survey in the church, 397 people were canvassed to ask what they want from the Mayor of London. The results of each survey were compiled and The London Citizens take the results to each Mayoral candidate and get them to pledge to the most popular 5. Four of which were significant to Corpus Christi. The top two being making the streets of London safer and campaigning for the London Living Wage.

Corpus Christi parish and in particular the youth have been spearheading the Safer City Campaign in Brixton and have been instrumental in setting up 10 City Safe Havens.

The London Citizens are involved in politics but are not affiliated to any particular party. At the last general election, Citizens UK of which we are part of, organised a rally at Methodist central hall to question David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown. Corpus Christi secured 30 tickets for this event. More recently we were invited, and someone attended, Ed Milliband’s (the labour party) keynote speech on a fairer society.