Music groups

We have a great tradition of music in the Parish. There is music at the 10.30 and 12 o’clock masses every Sunday. For major feasts and celebrations all the different music groups come together to ‘do a big one!’

We are fortunate to have a general music group of singers and musicians, a small formal choir, and individual cantors who serve the parish. The Ghanaian Choir sing at the Easter Triduum and Pentecost, and we hope that they can return to their once a month slot as soon as they are able.  Our musicians include organists, keyboard players, guitarists, recorder player, drummers, and saxophonist. We are always happy to welcome new people to sing or play.

Our primary aim is to enable the parish community to pray more deeply at mass. With this aim in mind hymns and music are chosen to link directly with the liturgy of the day. We also aim to be inclusive and therefore acknowledge the varied traditions, cultures and musical tastes that parishioners have. Engaging and supporting the congregation to sing is at the centre of our ministry and we are delighted that so many people find their voice and join in.  The hymnal ‘Laudate’ is our main resource, but we also sing music by Margaret Rizza, Keith Duke, and other contemporary composers.

Musicians and singers are always welcome to join. We like to support children who are willing to sing.

For the Sunday 10.30 mass, practice is informal – we gather at 10 o’clock to finalise the preparation.

(Practice for the Corpus Christi formal Choir see below.)

For further information please contact Margaret Bateson-Hill.



Corpus Christi formal Choir

Musical director: Yasmin Fitzpatrick: Email:

We are a small choir and specialise in singing ancient and modern choral church music.  We sing at least once a month at the 10.30am Mass on Sunday and on special liturgical occasions.

We rehearse on Fridays from 6.30-8pm.   We actively welcome new members to sing soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts and encourage anyone who is interested to come along to choir practice to say hello and see what we do.

It is useful to have at least a basic understanding of how to read music – or you will need to commit to learning how to do so.  Please email Yasmin or come and speak to her at tea after the 10.30 Mass on Sunday if you think you might be interested.

Social /Fundraising Activities

For the last couple of years members of the Music Group have performed a series of concerts of light music. Whilst principally a fundraising opportunity for the church they have also been enjoyable and fun events for everyone (and the performers get to dress up!).