Youth Group – Post Confirmation

The Post-Confirmation group meets monthly on a Sunday evening 6.45pm-8.30pm (please see the newsletter for dates) and is open to all teenagers who have been Confirmed. We start with pizza and some games and then have a discussion about our faith and finish with a prayer. We also organise trips, such as visits to the Missionaries of Charity soup kitchen near Southwark Cathedral.

One of the young people wrote this to share the experience of being part of the volunteering visits.As a member of the Post-Confirmation group, together with a couple of other boys and girls and accompanied by Father David and some parents, we traveled over to the Missionaries of Charity Soup kitchen to help out with the service of food and snacks to some of the more vulnerable people in the local community. When we arrived, we were first welcomed in very kindly by the sisters, said a prayer and sent straight to work; everyone got immediately stuck in as we tied up our aprons and began helping out with whatever job was needed. Some of us, myself included, began by heaping mash potato and mouth-watering beef stew on the plates and serving them to all the people who were there whereas others began by pouring cups of tea into mugs and passing them around the tables. There was such a wonderful, electric atmosphere as everyone rushed around and it felt so heartwarming and fulfilling to see the people’s faces light up with gratitude and appreciation as they received a warm plate of food. Once their plates were wiped clean, they were offered seconds and they were then given sandwiches and salads generously provided by Pret a Manger. Finally, after we cleared all the tables and cleaned up and washed all the plates and cutlery, there was nothing left to do – our job here was done.

I felt that this was a truly rewarding and satisfying experience for all of us. It made me realise how many luxuries we all have and it has made me not take what I have for granted. I would highly recommend this to anyone – we all very much enjoyed it.